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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Chris Matthews: Nazi Signs Always Show Up at Tea Parties


Anonymous said...

Chris Matthews... you are the scum at the bottom of a stagnant green pond. It is perfectly clear that you and your ilk are jealous of Beck's success and the only thing you know to do is talk him down, and the people at the 8/28 rally. I'd like for YOU to have a rally and see if you can get a dozen people to show up. You're not a journalist, you're a cheap, low level back stabbing rat of a person who has zero credibility. I have attended MANY tea party events and the 8/28 Restore Honor rally. These are good hard working honest people. Adjectives that YOU wouldn't begin to understand. HONOR. Do you get it yet?? NO! I didn't think so.

Marcia said...

I have also attended many Tea Party rallies and Beck's Restoring Honor Rally in DC. Mr. Matthews has lived in his little elitist world for so long that he doesn't have a clue about the values most American's hold dear...HONESTY, HARD WORK, SELF-RELIANCE, FAITH, HOPE, and CHARITY!

Let's bring the Spirit of 8-28 to the St. Louis Arch on 9-12...surround infiltrators and agitators with video cameras, lock arms, don't engage verbally or physically, and pray for ALL Americans.