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Friday, September 3, 2010

11+ Things You Can Do Before Going to the 9-12 Tea Party in St. Louis.

Thousands of people, from all over the country, are coming to St. Louis for the 9-12 Tea Party under the Arch. Since the event is happening on Sunday the 12th many folks are making a weekend out of it and coming into town on Friday.
I thought I would throw together a list of places to see and things to do for those of you who have never been to St. Louis or for those fellow St. Louisians who may have forgotten all of the great attractions we have here.
While this is by far not all of the things we have here to do in St. Louis, it is at least a Good Start.
(Many of the Descriptions have been taken from their own websites)

The March to the Arch is a 21-mile memorial walk that begins in West County and concludes at the base of the Gateway Arch. The walk was started by St. Louis businessman Bo Drochelman on 9-11-02 when he walked the route by himself in remembrance of those who lost their lives on 9/11--and for all other fallen Americans. Bo Drochelman decided to walk the distance at close to four o'clock in the afternoon that day after leaving a note for his wife. "I just felt I had to do something, and it had to be a sacrifice of some sort," Drochelman said. "It couldn't be easy. Writing a check would not be sufficient. I almost needed the physical trauma of the walk to cleanse the hurt and anger. It was a momentary release and a feeling of satisfaction that I did something to show these people that I cared."
This event takes place on Saturday the 11th.

St. Louis Arch

The Gateway Arch reflects St. Louis’ role in the Westward Expansion of the United States during the nineteenth century. The park is a memorial to Thomas Jefferson’s role in opening the West, to the pioneers who helped shape its history, and to Dred Scott who sued for his freedom in the Old Courthouse.

St. Louis Zoo

The Saint Louis Zoo has educated, entertained and earned a place in the hearts of St. Louisans for generations. We invite you to help us celebrate our rich history with a year of special activities, events and a new Zootennial exhibit in 2010.
The St. Louis Zoo is one of the few truly "Free" Zoos in the Nation.

Shrek at the Fox Theater

SHREK THE MUSICAL , based on the Oscar-winning DreamWorks film that started it all, brings the hilarious story of everyone’s favorite ogre to life on the stage.

St. Louis is home to some very nice Museums including the Missouri History Museum, The St. Louis Art Museum, The City Museum and the Museum of Transportation.

If gambling is more to your liking, St. Louis has several top of the line Casinos to choose from. Including: Harrahs, Ameristar, Lumiere and the Argosy Casino.

Six Flags St. Louis

Six Flags St Louis, an amazing theme park featuring awesome rides, great shows, and incredible attractions, plus Hurricane Harbor water park. Located just 30 miles outside the City of St. Louis.


Historic St. Charles Missouri

The ten-block, 200-year-old Historic Main Street is Missouri's first and largest historic district. It lies closest to the Missouri River and Saint Charles' frontier history. A trolley travels the streets of more than 125 one-of-a-kind shops.

Frenchtown offers a haven for antique lovers, where more than 20 unique stores dot the beautiful neighborhood. Whether the period is Americana, Victorian, 1904 World's Fair, the Depression era or mid-20th century, you'll find fine, authentic furniture, glassware, linens and antiques. Wartime, nautical and aviation memorabilia provide an interesting retrospective of the nation's military history. Frenchtown also boasts the United States' largest selection of vintage architectural products, including hardware, plumbing, molding, ceilings, intricate gingerbread, lighting accessories, weather vanes and cupolas. A large stamp and coin store appeals to collectors who want to buy, trade and sell.

Historic St. Charles also has many fine Restaurants and Wineries to choose from.

Daniel Boone's Home

The Historic Daniel Boone Home and Boonesfield Village is a registered National Historic Site located in the Heart of Missouri Wine Country, Defiance, Missouri. The Boone Home, nearly 200 years old, is large even by today's standards. It rises four stories with limestone walls 2 ½ feet thick and a kitchen in what most would consider would be the basement.

The Daniel Boone home overlooks the Boonesfield Village which is comprised of over a dozen 19th century buildings including the Old Peace Chapel, grist mill, schoolhouse, and carpenter’s shop. Each building has been moved to the site from within 50 miles of the local area. The buildings offer visitors a glimpse into life as a frontiersman and the chance to witness the hard work and dedication these men and women possessed.

Missouri Wine Country

Missouri has a storied history of wine-making that dates back to the 1850s. Missouri's wine industry at one time was one of the most sophisticated in the world... until Prohibition brought it to a grinding halt in the 1920s. Thankfully, the rebirth of Missouri wine began in the 1960s, and today the future has never looked brighter for Missouri wine lovers.

Our wineries have been winning national acclaim for years, in all types of red and white varietals. Missouri is widely recognized as the leading producer of excellent Norton wine, which, if you don't already know, is a powerhouse of red wine that is every bit as lush and robust as Zinfandel. It's also the state grape of Missouri. And keep an eye on Vignoles. It's fast becoming an elegant white wine that matches Sauvignon Blanc for tart, dry white wines that pair magically with spicy dishes.

You've heard all about wine country, no doubt. But what is wine country, exactly? It's where the wineries and vineyards are located, of course; but we say it's also the many quaint towns with hundreds of bed and breakfasts, charming restaurants, boutique shops, and many more recreational opportunities that make for a relaxing getaway that's unique to Missouri.

Missouri wine country is in Hermann and in Augusta but it's also anywhere there is a winery. And there are wineries all across Missouri, from Rocheport, near Columbia, to the southeast, where several wineries have sprouted near the historic town of Sainte Genevieve on the banks of the Mississippi.

St. Louis Pirate Fest

The town of Fort Royal, Martinique; is the "setting" for the St. Louis Pirate Fest.

France has a king, England has a king. Why shouldn't pirates have a king?

It's the Golden Age of Piracy, and in the village of Fort Royal on the island of Martinique, pirates have gathered to choose a Pirate King. Of course, this is news to the Governor, who is courting the favors of the French King, Louis, in hopes of receiving a title and royal appointment.

The three lead contenders for the title of pirate king have decided that the decision should be based on "friendly" competition. Suddenly everyone is caught up in the contests -- even the ladies of the St. Clair Gentleman's Club and the local religious order!

Pirates are pirates, and rules -- well, guidelines, really -- are broken as the day's competition comes to a head. And how will the governor react when he finds out that pirates are trying to elect one of their own to leadership, right under his nose?

Come out and join the fun! And every hour, on the hour, raise your mug of grog to the health of the king. Which king? Who cares? It's a festival!



Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this post. I'm sending an email to everyone in my mailbox with a link to your blog.

Mr Patch W. Adams said...

Happy to Help. Ty for spreading the word.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Grant's Farm!


Missouri Botanical Gardens


The Magic House


St. louis Science Center


Elizabeth said...

Add The City Museum to that great list: http://www.citymuseum.org/home.asp

See rescued bald eagles and many other birds at World Bird Sanctuary and bison at Lone Elk Park (both free): http://www.worldbirdsanctuary.org/

Also free and right near those two is Laumeier Sculpture Park.