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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Wow...Very Lively Obama Care Debate

A Representative from the Chicago Tea Party takes on a whole bunch of UNeducated Progressives in a debate on Obama Care.


Tony314 said...

I love blinded sheeple that fallow EVERYTHING the Government says to do. It's really actually kind of scary. As a father and married man that is at or below the poverty line and un-ensured. Neither me nor my wife support Obama Care and will NOT sign up for it! Let them come and try and make us get it.

Maggie D said...

That guy is the true definition of an American. He stood up and spoke out about what he believed in in the face of hostility. I would be proud to stand with him!

Rebecca Beasley said...

Since Obama Care is in effect, my fiance's health insurance premiums have more than doubled. His copay is also sky high now and he has a heart condition and can't afford to pay for his meds. This policy was created by his employers and they are taking the premiums out of his check. He has always paid his bills on time and never had even a late charge, as a matter of fact, he overpaid his child support and they asked him to stop paying so they wouldn't have to pay him back. Now he can barely afford to eat and is having to work overtime just to pay his bills. This is crazy!

Greg Zotta said...

These people are referred to as SHEEPLE or Obama's USEFULL/USELESS IDIOTS. This guy was hitting them with the FACTS, but they did not want to LISTEN. They will be the first to cry when rationing/death panels begin.Obamacare is about CONTROL. The ink wasn't even dry when they came after salt. Obamacare needs to be stopped in spite of these FOOLS.
Greg Zotta
Republican Candidate for MO Senate 22