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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Why Vote YES on Prop C? Because the Communist Party Doesn't Want You To.

Sometimes deciding if you should vote for something or not can be a complex drawn out process. If the thought of voting for Prop C is a one for you allow me to make it easier.

Prop C will prevent the Federal Government from penalizing you for NOT buying Government approved Insurance. And that by passing Prop C, there is a good chance that a court case will ensue that will force the Supreme Court to decide if Obama Care is Constitutional or Not. If this isn't enough for you, then allow me to explain who wants you to Vote No on Prop C....

The Friends of the Communist Party USA.

The Missouri Chapter of Jobs with Justice (JWJ) has this posted on their website:

Now who is JWJ and how are they Friends with the Communist Party? Well according to their website they are:

" a coalition of community, labor, student and religious groups committed to fighting together for economic justice in Missouri. Most of us have been working together for years on one issue or another. Jobs with Justice gives us a chance to remain united and respond quickly when action is needed. "

But where is the Communist Connection?

According to the Missouri, St. Louis and Kansas City JWJ websites two of their member organizations are Communist. One is the Communist Party USA News, friends of People's Weekly World. The other is the Communist Party USA youth group called, the Young Communist League.

Here are some screen shots from their websites showing the long list of Unions and Progressives groups including the Communist Organizations (Click to Enlarge):

If that isn't enough of a connection for you then lets look at the Leadership Team of the St. Louis JWJ. If you look towards the bottom of the list you will see a Tony Pecinosky.

Who is Tony?

According to 24th State, Tony is a Communist involved with many organizations:

"Tony is an organizer, that he has written articles for Political Affairs (billed as Marxist Thought Online), and that he was a member of the Young Communist League USA before joining the full-fledged Communist Party.

His email address is the cpusa.org (communist party usa).

So we can now all agree that Tony is a communist? No one disputes that? Let's move on.

Tony is the secretary of the St Louis area Jobs with Justice. He is the secretary-treasurer of the Greater St Louis CWA City Council. And he's a board member of the St Louis area Pro-Vote.

So from what we can easily discern, Tony's status as a communist is not in question, and neither is his involvement with local progressive organizations and unions. There is a comfortable ease with which he serves on the boards and as an officer in these organizations. "

Here is a screen shot of the Leadership Team for the St. Louis JWJ. Notice Tony's email is his Communist Party USA email address:

So if you're on the fence about Prop C and do not know if you should vote for it or not.... Remember this..

The Communist Party and their friends want you to Vote No..

But those that Love Freedom and Liberty want you to Vote YES..

If that isn't an easy decision, then I don't know what is.

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