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Friday, August 20, 2010

Tucson School District Mexican American Dept Accused of Promoting the Overthrow of the U.S. Government

According to an Article in the World Net Daily (WND), the Mexican American Studies Department of the Tucson Unified School District is being accused by the State of promoting the over throw of the U.S. Government.

According to Arizona's Superintendent of Public Instruction, Tom Horne:

"the basic theme of the Mexican-American studies program is that Latino students 'were and continue to be victims of a racist American society driven by the interests of middle- and upper-class whites.'"

The district's goals for its Mexican-American Studies include "social justice" along with "Latino Critical Race Pedagogy,"

There are even claims that:

"pictures of the classroom walls revealed "heroes" such as Che Guevara and Fidel Castro."

Horne sent a letter to the Tucson Superintendent, Tom Carroll, demanding that the Classes be videotaped to ensure that they do not clash with a new Arizona State Law, H.B. 2211, that forbids the promotion of "the Overthrow of the United States Government". Mr. Carroll refused claiming that the filming of the classes would unnecessarily disrupt the classes.

In Horne's letter he claims that:

"teachers and former teachers have reported the "whole inference and tone" of the "Raza Studies" was "anger."

"(They taught students) that the United States was and still is a fundamentally racist country in nature, whose interests are contrary to those of Mexican-American kids," the letter said.

"Individuals in this (Ethnic Studies) department are vehemently anti-Western culture. They are vehemently opposed to the United States and its power. They are telling students they are victims and that they should be angry and rise up," the letter continued."

"A teacher describes how the TUSD administration intimidated him by removing him from his class, and calling him a 'racist,' even though he himself is Hispanic," it added."

The WND Article goes on to say that:

"The state officials charged that Tucson "has hired a group of radical socialist activists who promote an anti-capitalist and anti-Western Civilization ideology. They use ethnic solidarity as their vehicle of delivery. A climate of outright intimidation has stopped many from standing up to this group for fear of being labeled racists. "

Further, "Impressionable youth in TUSD have literally been reprogrammed to believe that there is a concerted effort on the part of a white power structure to suppress them and relegate them to a second-class existence. This fomented resentment further encourages them to express their dissatisfaction through the iconoclastic behavior we see – the contempt for all authority outside of their ethnic community and their total lack of identification with the political heritage of this country. "

According to a report in a local Tucson Paper, one of the books used by the class is called "Occupied America: A History of Chicanos".

Listed among the Goals on the Mexican American Studies website are :

"•Advocating for and providing curriculum that is centered within the pursuit of social justice.

•Working towards the invoking of a critical consciousness within each and every student.

•Providing and promoting teacher education that is centered within Critical Pedagogy, Latino Critical Race Pedagogy, and Authentic Caring.

•Promoting and advocating for social and educational transformation."

Because the School District have refused to video tape the classes, starting Jan 1st when the new law takes effect, the State of Arizona can withhold 10% of the Districts State funding.

But according to the Tucson Board President, Judy Burns:

"We don't teach all those ugly things they think we're teaching."



H.C. said...
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H.C. said...

This state and its Governor are a powerful source.
I thank God for their stand where they do stand against the tyrants.
La Raza and associates need to be exposed to the rest of the country.
Actions like these, make it impossible for the media to ignore.
What wonderful and inspiring activism!

Anonymous said...

Arizona Department of Education August 3, 2010 Press Release


Arizona Department of Education letter to Tuscon School District dated August 3, 2010