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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Scott Rigell Asked if he Ever Supported Obama: ""Yeah, NO, not in a, not in a literal, not in a literal sense..."

Scott "The RHINO" Rigell gave $1000 to the Obama Campaign because he was afraid of Hillary?

According to an article on Smart Girl Politics Rigell's reason for supporting Obama was because:

"The only alternative on the Democratic side was Senator Obama. Yes, I was moved by his rhetoric and by the prospect of seeing a minority rise to the highest office in our land. If we were to end up with a Democrat President I wanted that person to be Obama, not Clinton; I was not indifferent to the two possible outcomes.”

So he didn't literally support Obama except for Obama's rhetoric and the fact he is a Minority...but that isnt considered literal by Mr. Rigell.

Really the Question should be why write the check at all?

His website states that he is a "Conservative"...I guess that is until he is scared by a Clinton.. .. then the "Conservative" goes out the Window.

To Read more about him Go To Smart Girl Politics.

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Chis Meeropol said...

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