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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Left has a History of Attacking Itself...

This new Arson Attack on Russ Carnahan's Office in St. Louis, and the subsequent arrest of a 50 year old Male suspect, begs the question.

Who is this man?

While the local left wing media would Love to pin this attack on some "Tea Party member" or some "Right Wing Radical", recent History shows a different kind of trend. Leftest Extremists Love to Attack Other Leftest ....

Remember this last year when a Democratic Office in Denver had it's windows broke out and the Media first blamed it on Republicans unhappy with Obama Care? Well the Truth was a little different:

Or this Article from 2008, when an SEIU office in Puerto Rico was vandalized by a teachers union because of SEIU's attempts to take them over and break their strike:

"On May 23, some anonymous actors left acid on a window of the SEIU union office on Mission St in Santa Cruz, and spray painted the walls red and black with anarchy signs and revolutionary slogans:

"Solidarid@d Puerto Rico" SEIU is currently engaged in trying to break and control a nation-wide teachers' strike against the puppet government of Puerto Rico, a US colony.

This is a perfect example of the role unions inevitably play in co-opting, selling out, and even crushing real strikes and revolutionary upsurges. For more documentation of this treachery, visit pr.indymedia.org en espanol, or simply search the internet for "puerto rico teachers."

No Matter who this Male Suspect is, the Arson attack on Russ Carnahan's Office is Unacceptable and Wrong. Those who were involved should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

But for anyone to automatically assume that he is a "Right Wing Extremist" or connected to a "Tea Party" is jumping the gun.

Since the Left does have a History of Violence upon itself, it is not a stretch of the imagination to think that maybe.. just maybe.. This Suspect is one of their own.


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