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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Communist News: Obama asks labor unions to help prevent GOP takeover

Here is an Article from the Communist Party USA news about how the President asked for the Labor Unions to do everything they can to prevent the Republicans from taking back Congress.

I'm surprised he didn't tell them to go beat up Conservatives in parking lots at Town halls around the Nation. That seems to work for SEIU....

" Obama asks labor to help prevent GOP takeover

by: John Wojcik
August 5 2010

WASHINGTON - President Obama spent the morning of his birthday, Aug. 4, asking leaders of the labor movement to do everything they can to prevent a Republican takeover of Congress this November.

His speech to the AFL-CIO's executive council here underlined what both Obama and the labor movement believe is at stake in the 2010 elections.

Talking about Republicans, the president declared: "They want to go backward; we want to move America forward. That's the choice in this upcoming election. All your members need to understand that choice."

Obama said mass unemployment in America is unacceptable and the pain it causes "goes beyond just the financial pain. It goes to who you are as a person."

"It hits right in the gut," the president said. "Having a conversation with your spouse, and saying, you know, 'maybe we can't afford this house anymore, maybe we're going to have to give up on being able to save for our kid's college education.' That goes directly to people's identities, to their cores."

Frustration and anger have surfaced all over America as the result of a long, deep recession that has left at least 16 million unemployed. Republicans are trying to ride that anger and frustration into control of one or both houses of Congress in November.

Obama told the labor leaders that a return to Republican control would be a return to policies that created the economic disaster in the first place.

He described the GOP as "a driver that drove the car into the ditch and stood there for a year and a half, while we put on boots, got down into the mud, and heaved and hoed and pulled to get that car out. Just as we get it to the ledge, they come along and say, 'We want the keys back.' Uh uh, you can't have the keys back. We will not give them back!"

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H.C. said...

So glad you posted tis way.
I'm tired of seeing his arrogant face.

Anonymous said...

You have the pain right Mr President...what you have wrong is the solution. BTW, Mr President are the unions your modern day brownshirts? That seems to be the case. Mr Kenneth Gladney of St Louis can certainly attest to that fact.