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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tea Partiers Wanted for Parade in Lincoln County Mo

Attention All Tea Partiers in St. Louis and the Surrounding Areas. The Lincoln County MO Tea Party is looking for Tea Party Volunteers to walk in their County Fair Parade on Sunday July 11th. Here is an Email explaining the details:

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Fellow Patriots, Tea party activists, enemies of the left, and the no longer quiet majority, It is my extreme pleasure to invite YOU, Your Organizations, Family, Friends, and other active citizens of the republic to the non-affiliated Lincoln County Tea Partiers walking Tea Party!

We aim to have an larger than life presence for the 2010 Lincoln County Fair Parade on July, 11th 2010.

As a follow-up to the recent regional Tea Parties held in Warrenton, Troy, and Bowling Green Missouri there is no better time than now to unite our efforts to the common cause and keep the momentum going!

The opportunity to further our cause and ignite awareness to the Obamanation that is our current federal administration has presented itself. It is up to us to take advantage of these opportunities and throw everything we have at them while there is still time. What better time could there be?

Many of the local candidates will be on hand to further their agenda during the parade and what a wake-up call it would be for them to see over 100 people handing out free Constitutions to the public.

People from all walks of life are present at this parade every year and many invite their friends and family from all over the state to enjoy this community event.

Our current plans to participate include having a truck and trailer for walker relief and material storage with smaller support golf cart. We will need able bodies to walk the entire parade route on and off handing out free US constitutions. You can bring your own refreshments to keep on the truck and trailer although water will be provided. If you are able to celebrate the event with us but unable to walk the route you can bring along your favorite Tea Party signs and lawn chairs and enjoy the ride from the float.

There is no official dress but we ask that you represent the Red, White, and Blue to the best of your ability. We ask that only family friendly signs and attire be worn and firearms and attitudes are not welcome to participate.

Come one, come all and help us celebrate the American spirit and One Nation Under God!"

The Lincoln County Tea Party is asking that anyone interested in taking part to meet between 4 and 4:30 P.M. at Clonts Field(the old football field and running track ) which is right along hwy.47 west of WalMart in Troy Missouri.

See you There!



Anonymous said...

Thanks for your support Patch!!
Jacob Burns

Mr Patch W. Adams said...

Happy to do my Part Jacob, Keep up the Good work!