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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

St. Louis Tea Party Does Pre-Emptive Strike Against NAACP Calling them Racist

Here is a Fox News Article about the Resolution from the Tea Party against the NAACP:

"St. Louis Tea Party had an all-hands-on-deck response to the NAACP's plan. The group has drafted a resolution of its own condemning the civil rights group for reducing itself to a "bigoted" and "partisan attack dog organization."

In a matter of hours, the St. Louis group fired off to the NAACP the statement demanding the organization withdraw its "bigoted, false and inflammatory" resolution. The missive accused the NAACP of resorting to political tactics and urged the IRS to reconsider whether it can continue to qualify for tax-exempt status.

Tea Party organizers routinely defend themselves against charges of racism, disavowing racially charged signs that appear in their protest crowds and provide fodder for Tea Party critics. The NAACP resolution, first reported by the Kansas City Star, was expected to make reference to an incident in March when Tea Party protesters allegedly hurled racial epithets at black lawmakers on Capitol Hill ahead of a health care vote. Tea Party members afterward challenged that account and no evidence was produced to show any racist attacks.

St. Louis Tea Party organizer Bill Hennessy wrote on the group's website Tuesday that the Tea Party stands for smaller government and fiscal responsibility, and accused the NAACP of abandoning black America.

"When you look at the crime and poverty and family breakdown of the African-American community ... you see a half-century of failure by the NAACP," he wrote. "None of those persistent problems was caused by the Tea Party movement, yet the principles of the Tea Party are exactly what's needed to wind down the multi-generational destruction in the African-American community.

"The NAACP was once a vital weapon in the war against segregation and oppression. All that's left is a bigoted and malicious shell that does far more harm than good for people who need a break," he wrote.

Fellow St. Louis Tea Party organizer Dana Loesch accused the NAACP of morphing into a political organization."

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JonahVark said...

I have attended at least eight TEA Parties in the St. Louis area and I have never heard a racist remark from anyone. There have been countless criticisms about Congress and the Obama administration but never directed at someone's race.

Some of our most inspiring speakers have been black patriots like Stephanie Rubach and Kevin Jackson and St. Louis' own Jay Stewart

Stephanie Rubach at the 2010 St Louis Tax Day Tea Party

Jay Stewart Blows The Roof Off Of The St Louis Tea Party.

St. Louis Tea Party Opening Remarks - Kevin Jackson

The TEA Party isn't about the speakers. It's about the people who come to the TEA Parties. They are not racists or bigots in spite of how some people attempt to portray them. They are just ordinary folks. Most have never been involved in any political movement whatsoever. However, they all have one thing in common. They are fearful of the direction our country is heading.

LINCOLN COUNTY TEA PARTY June 19,2010 - Meet Chuck and Carol


Zotta's Perspective said...

Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels said, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” Now, the NAACP is calling the patriotic Tea-Party protesters RACISTS. They are trying to silence anyone who opposes Obama’s policies by demonizing them.

In Washington D.C. several black Democrat representatives claimed they were called the N-word while walking through the crowd prior to the healthcare vote. They purposely walked through the crowd hoping something would happen. When nothing happened, they made the false claim of being called the N-word. They are LIARS! Because they taped the whole walk. If they had anyone on the tape calling them the N-word it would be looped over and over again by the so-call Main-Stream Media. Instead, the lies are being perpetuated by the media.

The Obama Administration’s Justice Department, led by Eric Holder refused to prosecute members of the New Black Panther Party for voter intimidation. J. Christian Adams, who resigned from the Justice Department, stated the Justice Department dropped the case for racial reasons. Adams claims the administration has failed to prosecute non-whites when it comes to voting intimidation cases. Barack Hussein Obama is a divisive and polarizing figure, who is tearing this country apart. So, who are the REAL RACISTS?

The Tea-Party protesters are patriots exercising their First Amendment Rights and are opposed to Obama’s vision of transforming America. It is a good thing there are alternate sources of information out there to get the TRUTH.

Greg Zotta
Republican Candidate for MO Senate 22

H.C. said...
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H.C. said...

It is amazing how the accusers keep going back to the two incidents that were never proven to be true against
Tea Partiers.
And, any racial undertones have ALWAYS been called out, so a demand for that is redundant.
This is so political and propaganda laced....I was wondering when the witch would get on her broom....
I saw the article before I read this, and I am proud.
Watch out even more now, for implants.