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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Shabazz: White America ‘Hasn’t Given Me Nothing In America’

Hat Tip Breitbart Tv


Anonymous said...

Well then leave and go to some land that is all black is what this New Black Panther needs to do. Martin Luther King died for defending liberties for all as well as JFK. This bozzo gets out of trouble because why? He's black? I don't know, maybe we should askt that question of Eric Holder.
Let a white person try to intimadate voters and spew the insanity he is and they would be tried and convicted just like this gang should be. Welcome to the lies and the double standard of Obamaland. November 2nd is not going to come soon enough.

Anonymous said...

Who do these radical blacks think got them out of slavery? The white man has done nothing for him? Well how did he get where he is now? A white President named Abraham Lincoln who was a republican I might add. What else do they want from on class or culture of people?
He is eating his own and Holder should be removed from his postition for not doing his job fairly and for stopping this in court and so should anyone else that backed that move. I am one that is tired of being quite.