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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Police Brutality or Justifiable Force?

I posted this Video with almost no information about it. I do not know when it happened or where and the individual who posted it on You Tube, in my opinion, is in a questionable state of mind. If you read the description he wrote you might even say the person who posted this video is not quite playing with a full deck.

But besides that fact, the video appears to be legit, the woman is resisting arrest and is handcuffed but refusing to get in the car. The Policeman throws her on her head in apparent frustration.

Is this Police Brutality or Justifiable Force?


This was in San Fransisco



spikestl said...

Patch, It makes me feel sick to hear her head hit the ground.
I hope she is ok.
We have to remember that this is only one cop and he needs to be locked up, but it's hard to trust law enforcement when this happens to people who are handcuffed and helpless.

Mr Patch W. Adams said...

I know Spike, according to a news report the officer in question is suspended until a review is complete. I wouldnt be surprised if they file charges against him.