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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Obama on Rangel "End His Career With Dignity"


Anonymous said...

Getting away with his unethical ventures would be undignified.

Rangel's hubris in acting as he did in violation of Congressional ethical principles means that he deserves his fate.

To fail to punish him would be unjust. He should be held to a higher standard and the punishment should fit the crimes.

So typical for Obama to defend the misbehavior of a fellow politician whose behavior is unethical.

A teacher of Constitutional law certainly knows that natural born citizen meant that both of one's parents were American citizens.

No wonder he wants his colleague to be found innocent of the charges. Its the golden rule applied to those guilty of fraud and usurpation.

Herbert Baumann said...

Rangle SHOULD be held to a higher standard. The problem is, guys like this get away with it and all the rest of us would get sent to jail and fined. I have had 3 notices relating to the various businesse that I am involved telling me that I owe penalties and late fees for the returns that I filed. All three times I have called the IRS office and told them that I'm NOT paying as I am invoking the "Rangle Rule". If he did not have to pay penalties, interest and late fees I was not going to either. I spoke to a supervisor, noted their name and employee number and got them to agree to waive those fees. What's fair for our official is good enough for us!