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Friday, July 9, 2010

Big Brother Listening in on Private Conversations in Europe

According to an Article in World Net Daily, a New surveillance system will actually listen for "Aggressive Conversation" and direct the attention of Cameras and Law enforcement to a certain area.

This system is installed in several Dutch cities and cities in England.

Remember its there to protect you.... lol

Can Anyone say 1984?

Here is a video showing how the system works:

To Read the Article in World Net Daily Go To:



1 comment:

Greg Zotta said...

Can you say, BIG BROTHER. Pretty scary stuff. Notice how they sell it though, it's about our SAFETY. That's why I'm against red light cameras. It isn't about safety, it's about money. These things are also about CONTROL.

Greg Zotta
Republican Candidate for MO Senate 22