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Monday, June 14, 2010

Sheriff's deputies raid two Phoenix Sizzler locations suspected of hiring illegals


Anonymous said...

Great raid. How about raiding some of my competitors and enforce against them? My inner city black, white, native american and hispanic LEGAL employees can't get hours because illegals shipped in from Arizona, Texas and California working for less money than minimum wage and avoid paying taxes, insurance etc. Straw man intermediates help companies like Target, Lowes, LA Fitness, Qwest and others avoid using LEGAL subcontractors and they get great prices by using "straw" labor suppliers who violate US labor laws. I keep turning these "straw" labor suppliers in to my state and nada is the result.

H.C. said...

And the owner? Is he in jail?

H.C. said...

How about West County Mall's food court?

Rhonda said...

I was in Arizona the day this happened. In fact it was with in a few hours of his speech at the rally for Arizona Governor Jan Brewer. Good for him.
The rally was awesome and listening to many of Mexican desent speaking of being an American not a Mexican anymore was very inspiring and rewarding. This is about Americans standing for their country and state and illegals that have no other desire than to take from our system and call us racist. I guess the President is going to have to work to get illegal votes for his party since many illegals in Arizona are starting to run for the border again.