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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Illegals Protesting Arizonia Law Carry Signs with Swastikas and SS on Them.


Marcia said...

Wow...this "grass roots" group has some very professional looking signs, especially the swastika and "Arizona White Supremacy" on it.

At 1:35, note the pile of signs...I guess each of these "grass roots" folks brought extras to share.

Anonymous said...

So according to their signs that say North America was stolen from them,all people occupying land where some other culture lived once must move or are occupying that land illegally-right? Little problem though-that would define most people living today-including them. OOPS! Guess they were tardy when history class was in session-like all of their life.

MaryS said...

It never ceases to amaze how BOLD these people are! They are here illegally no telling how long, and they have the nerve to walk in a protest march. Reminds me of the march in LA sometime ago. They were upset because one of their benefits were going to be cut. I mean they get free medical care, free education, free, free, and more free, and it still isn't good enough. Pisses me off... don't know about you all.