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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Glenn Beck-Obama shuts down the internet ?


Anonymous said...

The president ALREADY has the power to shut off any wired or wireless telecommunications, this was set up in a law from the 30s. The new bill would actually LIMIT the power the president already has.

I really wish Fox was fair and balanced: http://cl.ly/1WmI

Anonymous said...

Fo_l, you should read what your linking to. Of course the president, under the telecommunications act of 1934 can kill all "regulated" telecoms. Last time I checked, the internet, at least for now, is still unregulated. So if the president want to kill it now, or control it, he has to shut down all land lines, all cell phones, all cable and all satellites. If you think doing that won't cause a revolution, you need to reread your El Che liberal books. Gain some depth of thought and quite regurgitating stuff from the internet.