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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Black Panthers: At War with and Must Prepare for War Against Tea Party

These Comments begin at about 4:50


WhoIsHurtingTheBlacks? said...

This is awesome... I can't wait for this war!!! ;) So sick of this racial garbage! The black panter party is NOTHING more than a terrorist organization. Blacks with this attitude should leave the country, as they stir the pot of Racism along with most black leaders. We just elected a black president and still have affirmitive action??? So, you can get elected as President, but can't compete in the job market? Totally ridiculous..look at the stats - crime, teen pregnancy, single parents, prisons... COME ON .Take responsibility! Wake up.. this is a "Shortcut to Thinking"..period! Well, come out next election...be in my neighborhood at the polls.. you WILL MEET Louisville Slugger and my peace makers. Unfortunately...Violence is the ONLY way to deal with this racist terrorist Black Panter Party. I AGREE... LET'S GET IT ON!!!

I leave you all with this quote.

"If there must be trouble; let it be in my time, so that my children may have peace" - Thomas Paine

- Sick of being pushed around...and ready "To Get It On!"

Anonymous said...

Goes to show that just because you put "Doctor" in front of your name, it doesn't mean you aren't ignorant.