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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

US Soldier Will Sue Military for Not Stopping Anti-Muslim Harassment


Diane Knight said...

So his feelings were hurt in basic..cry me a river.
The Col. even went as far as moving him to off base.
Perhaps Klawaan wants the Army to give the other 2200 soldiers a time out?

H.C. said...

I guess he is going for the Mr. America title to make it complete.

Lisa said...

What a shocker that this story was from Campbell "Have my nose so far up Obama's ass I can see out his nose" Brown! Maybe her next attempt at journalism should be on how the families of the slain Ft. Hood officers are getting along!!!!

H.C. said...

laughing stock of the world = U.S.

jimhollis said...

The Army couldn't protect 13 soldiers at Ft Hood because of another Muslim's faith. Think Islam is peaceful??? Read Wm Federer's book " What Every American Should Know About the Koran" and Robert Spencer's book " Stealth Jihad". America is under attack by Progressives and Muslims....both militarily and through immigration and religious cultivation....America is being/has been overrun. The enemy in this war is allowed to roam US streets, infiltrate our culture, attack US values through our freedoms. Allowing Muslims into our military and our country is like allowing WWII Jap or German fighters into our military and country. Unfortunately, our progressive government and media and our Muslim/Socialist President are on the other side in this war.