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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Schwarzenegger Zings Arizona: ‘I Was Afraid They Would Try to Deport Me’


Benito said...

I hope that every American, regardless of where he lives, will stop and examine his conscience about this and other related incidents. This Nation was founded by men of many nations and backgrounds. It was founded on the principle that all men are created equal, and that the rights of every man are diminished when the rights of one man are threatened. All of us ought to have the right to be treated as he would wish to be treated, as one would wish his children to be treated, but this is not the case.

I know the proponents of this law say that the majority approves of this law, but the majority is not always right. Would women or non-whites have the vote if we listen to the majority of the day, would the non-whites have equal rights (and equal access to churches, restaurants, hotels, retail stores, schools, colleges and yes water fountains) if we listen to the majority of the day? We all know the answer, a resounding, NO!

Today we are committed to a worldwide struggle to promote and protect the rights of all who wish to be free. In a time of domestic crisis men of good will and generosity should be able to unite regardless of party or politics and do what is right, not what is just popular with the majority. Some men comprehend discrimination by never have experiencing it in their lives, but the majority will only understand after it happens to them.

Greg Zotta said...

Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona passed the law to help protect the citizens of her state. Something, Arnold did not do regarding the water that was turned off to the farmers of California. He sent a letter to the EPA asking them to turn on the water. Then Obama bribed two Representatives from California with turning on some of the water with their yes votes on Obamacare. Arnold, in your movies you portray a good guy going after the bad guys, unfortunately movies are make believe and when you had a chance to take a stand you declined to even read the script.
Greg Zotta
Republican Candidate for Mo. Senate 22