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Friday, May 21, 2010

Rep. Grayson Likens Republicans to Al Qaeda Members


Anonymous said...

This guy is a left wing WACKO and I pray he is defeated in Nov.

Zotta's Perspective said...

Grayson said, "Why would you want to put people in charge of government who just don't want to do it.” I guess he was referring to Republicans. My questions to him are, why do the Democrat/Statists want to destroy the greatest country in the world? Why do they want to TRANSFORM it into a socialist state? Why do they pit one group of Americans against another? Why did the Statists give a standing ovation to President Calderon after he condemned the State of Arizona for passing a law to protect them from the illegal invasion? Why do they want to keep people enslaved to government programs to garner their votes in order to stay in power? What is wrong with the people in the State of Florida for electing a buffoon like Grayson to Congress? So many other questions could be asked of why and how these Statists got into power, but what is more important is how and when can we get them out of office. Hopefully, the people will rise up to the occasion, become informed and fire them this November.
Greg Zotta
Republican Candidate for Mo. Senate 22