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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

O'Reily Confronts Weiner About Beck and Goldline


SallyW said...

That was painful. The Weiner took over the "interview" and O'Reilly let it get out of control. The Weiner is an annoying clanging cymbol who was relentless. I imagine the Whitehouse was watching and applauding.... he's their kinda guy.
O'Reilly lost control of his show. He should have stopped The Weiner and explained how an interview goes. If he couldn't follow the rules you cut the mike so the audience time isn't wasted with something that is unbearable.
The Weiner succeeded. That interview sucked.

Anonymous said...

Obviously a witch hunt for Beck. Gee......how credible is that?? The government is trying to protect me from fraud & loss. I think I'll keep my Goldline account. The Left is so afraid of FOX.