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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Makes Plea for Anti-Limbaugh Republican Guests


Anonymous said...

How Pathetic! Hmmm! Couldn't find a picture of Rush since he lost all the weight, Huh Chris? Two Commentators out of thousands who have Obama's number,and the Liberals are so thin skinned they can't handle the truth! Rush and Beck listeners are not exclusively Republicans. Their audience is comprised of people from all the Parties who are starving for the truth! I don't think Mr. Matthews can say that!

Nancy said...

So which one of us is going to take Mr. Matthews up on his offer so that we have a chance to ask him just exactly what misinformation, etc. it is of which he is speaking? I do not always agree with what Rush says, but if one actually checks out what he says, one will find that what he presents is accurate.

Robert said...

unfortunately for Chris Matthews, no self-respecting Republican is stupid enough to do his show for ANY reason, much less for than reason. Is his leg still thrilling?