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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Micheal Moore on AZ Immigration Law: It's a result of a Bunch of Bigots in the Republican Party


BTW said...

Another MORON who didn't read the bill. I guess we should all move into Micheals house because he lives better than we do. I'll mow his grass ( one of those jobs that he WON"T DO). No substance just emotion.

Anonymous said...

What has Michael Moore done to get such press?? He is the darling of the left. How sad is that? This is the best they can come up with to be a spokes person. I can't believe anybody listens to him or to Larry King. Everybody is an immigrant? What happened to the word LEGAL in front of the word.
Moore is in favor of free speech for his leftists, not for tea partyers.
Unions can protest, tea party people cannot. Full, blown commie.
How stupid, arm the deer. How about this? I will hand a deer my gun, see if he can shoot it. I would be embarassed to say the stuff he does.