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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Marginal’: Travel Channel’s Anthony Bourdain Calls Tea Partiers ‘Very Angry White People’


excagirl said...

I am not even going to watch this because he has always made it clear that he has contempt for the United States. I don't know why he doesn't live in his home country and no it isn't the USA.

marsha said...
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marsha said...

First of all, who is Anthony Bourdain? Secondly, he is clueless to what is going on. Some of the people have come to realize that Barack Hussein Obama is trying to TRANSFORM America into something the majority of Americans do not want. If we wanted to live in Venezuela we would move there. People come to this country, because of the freedom it has to offer for individuals to pursue happiness, yet Obama wants to change that. Michele Bachman is speaking the truth and talks about following the Constitution, something Bourdain probably hasn't even read