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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Left Animation Propaganda: ‘Police State Pete’ Looks for Illegals in Arizona


Anonymous said...

Seems like Police State Pete may have been in training to disregard the fourth amendment rights of ALL Americans for a very, very,
long time. Who trained him again?

Anonymous said...

Funny obama conveniently uses law enforcement for his party's political gain. Law enforcement was good enough when obama wanted to spend billions in bailout money, but the AZ police can't be trusted to do their job and enforce immigration law. Guess congress shouldn't have saved all those jobs after all?

But maybe obama's track record is consistent; he did accuse police of racism when his buddy Gates acted like a major A-hole and got himself arrested.

So in summary; law enforcement is politically useful when congress wants to waste our tax dollars to pork barrel money to their friends (under the guise of law enforcement), but otherwise, police everywhere are a bunch of out of control racists that can't be trusted?

Did I miss anything?