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Saturday, May 15, 2010

LA Teacher that Called for Mexican Revolution is Admitted Socialist


Space Cadet said...

Were to start, Generally Tea Party people aren't against immigration, they are against ILLEGAL immigration! I would like to know how he figures the Arizona Law is Racist, since its modeled after Federal Law that is not being enforced? Also If does not think illegal entry into the country is not a crime, does he close and lock his doors at home? If he does then he is a racist! I or any one should have the right to enter his home at any time!

Margaret said...

Mexican nationals are flooding into California for the socialism? No! They come for the capitalism. As California's economy has dropped, so has the number of illegals in our state -- there is no money to be made!

The problem is that among the uneducated, documented workers the language barrier enables people like him, and the communists who make up the United Farm Workers Union (as a reporter I have been to their rallies, what an eye-opener!)take advantage of their position in our society to preach communism and revolution. I have heard them tell farmworkers that 'some day we will take the landowner's house, and you'll live in it!' And, then, who'll provide you with a job?

It is true that the federal government's entire operation for providing people legal guestworker status is a ridiculous, draconian maze that never produces results. There is no reason why we can not streamline a documented system for guest workers that would allow us to monitor and locate Mexican nationals in our country. That is one legitimate aspect for a real solution to securing the border.