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Monday, May 31, 2010

Judge Napolitano: 4 Constitutional Defects in Healthcare Reform Law


H.C. said...

Not a DIRECT commandeering, just threats and bribes.

Jonah said...

HR 3590 is 2074 pages and is extremely difficult to understand but I found some questionable exemptions beginning with page 329.

If certain religious groups, American Indians, illegal immigrants, hardship cases and prison inmates are exempt from ObamaCare’s health insurance mandate then the law is clearly unconstitutional. How can a federal law dictate adherence by only some groups of people but not others. Why will some religions be required to buy insurance and others will not? How far back does your American Indian heritage have to reach in order to allow exemption? Illegal immigrants won’t have to pay for insurance but hospitals will be required to treat them anyway?

Can legal experts help me to understand why this law should not be thrown out?