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Thursday, May 13, 2010

DOE Wants Utilities Help on National Broadband Plan, Including Meter Data and Privacy Issues

Ever wonder why the President wants Net Neutrality and Broadband Internet in every home? Well there is one Answer, the Smart Grid.

According to the Smart Grid News.com, the Department of Energy wants the utilities help with the Broadband Implementation effort. They also want your suggestions on dealing with Privacy issues. What Privacy issues? Well here is the Article:

"DOE is asking for a lot of help with the National Broadband Plan implementation effort. The agency filed two requests for information (RFI) today relating to the plan and the policies and procedures it will take to make it work. One RFI asks for help in understanding the communications needs of utilities, including those related to Smart Grid technologies, and what capabilities communications carriers believe they can provide. The other RFI asks for comments and information on current and possible policies and practices relating to consumer use of electronic meter data for managing power consumption, utility data collection and related privacy policies, third party access to that information, and the role of consumers in balancing the benefits of data access with privacy. It also asks for guidance in developing policies for access to consumer energy information. Comments are due within 60 days of publication in the Federal Register."

Don't know what the Smart Grid is? Well you can either listen to my Radio Program on the Smart Grid at the Bottom of this blog.

But here is the industry's idea of what the Smart Grid is. Pay close attention to 2:37-2:40 where it says that the Smart Grid will allow the power company the ability to Manage and Monitor energy use in EVERY HOME. Which means they will have the power to turn on and off any and all appliances in your home if they deem it necessary. But that is just the Tip of the Ice burg...

To Read the Article on Smart Grid News.com:



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