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Sunday, May 23, 2010

California Public Schools Let Communist China Supply School Curriculum


P. said...

The public schools have a monopoly, effectively, if the citizenry is not able vote "with their wallet," which they cannot, if failure to pay school tax levy in property tax is a crime.

We continue to pay for a district we want no part in, though we home school the two we still have at home. The economic hurdles for those who want an alternative to public education for their children are significant.

This is an absolutely shocking story, by the way. To think that a public school district would cede control of curricular content, to individuals in a foreign government, who are not responsive or accountable in any way to the patrons in the district. Unbelievable!

Van said...

I first heard of this at the same time that the U.S. Asst. Secretary of State, Michael Posner apologized to the Chinese early and often for Arizona Law, through this article and I wrote a post to the effect that, how can you possibly be surprised at the actions of a creature like Posner, when his cohorts would actually seek to place our children under the tutelage of communist China?

America is not being run by Americans… they may have been born here, but that’s about as far as it goes. In most cases those in power are anti-American. If you doubt it, bring up the Constitution to them, and like as not, they'll react as Pelosi & Hoyer did, with an eye roll and a snicker.

We’ve got a long, long bitter battle ahead of us to take it back, and it’s going to have to be fought in one of the most difficult places to fight in, the mind, and right now the intellectual enemies of America currently control the field.

Stock up on your intellectual ammunition by getting your Constitution out, reacquaint yourself with what it means and why it’s important, and pass it along.

marsha said...

They said there are checks and balances to keep out the propaganda. I find that suspect, because they are teaching revisionist history about this country in the classrooms today. Some schools are talking about starting from 1900 forward leaving out the founding of this country. They are indoctrinating our children. I wonder if this class will praise Mao as many of Obama's advisors have.