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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Another American That Has Had Enough....

Here is a Video of a Man who has just woke up to what is going on in Washington.

I think he Eloquently Expresses what many of us are Thinking...

They tried to censor his speech but missed one Cuss word.

Oh, and since he just woke up, he doesn't realize we already had 1.8 Million Patriots march on Washington last year. The news Media called it 40,000.


Anonymous said...

Amen AMERICAN brother,
Help spread the word to all black Americans that Obama is about dividing Americans. He is playing the blacks like chess pieces. He is pitting AMERICANS against each other. He is making a mockery of the Civil Rights Movement by mirroring it and calling Healthcare a civil right. They are going to pass many things and say they are a Civil Right. Mocking Martin Luther and the pure TRUTH of his movement.

H.C. said...

Who is this man? Is he anonymous?

Anonymous said...

You tell 'em.

There were over one million in
Wash. last year. Wish you could
have been there.

This President is about dividing
us and thie man is someone now
falling for it.

Keep on talkin, and yellin.

Loved every minute of this.

excagirl said...

Wow..I thought I had anger issues. I don't have anger issues. He has fing anger issues.