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Friday, May 7, 2010

Amnesty supporters carrying CHE signs, scream "RACIST GO HOME" to Tea Party

WARNING!!! Foul Language and Alot of Middle Fingers... From the Pro-Amnesty Supporters..

OH Odd that there is NO RIOT POLICE..... Even though the Police in the Video did do a good job of protecting the Tea Partiers.



Marcia said...

Thanks for the post! Once again, a VIDEO is worth a THOUSAND WORDS! I've re-posted to Facebook, Twitter, and will be emailing shortly.

Robert said...

One scene in this that kinda sums it up well; The pro-illegal immigration crowd chanting "Racists go home" with the cut to the Black gentleman holding the sign asking immigrants to come here LEGALLY. Can you say dissonance?
Also, why haven't we seen protests with people who are Naturalized citizens condemning illegal immigration? I think they'd be pissed off the MOST. I mean, you live here for 5 years legally, learn English, pass the Constitution/Bill of Rights tests, and you take that oath...you're an American. How would it make you feel, having done all that, hearing that these criminals who hopped a fence want to stay for free and be citizens...it's almost like Immigration Affirmative Action. It is a symptom of our entitlement-minded society these days...