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Saturday, May 8, 2010

$100 Million Mosque Planned for Near Ground Zero


H.C. said...

If these are Muslims with no animosity towards the U.S., why not find another frieking location?
I feel their decision is DISRESPECTFUL in every way...it is meant to only, once again, challenge our legal system in an attempt to belittle us, and gain more power within our culture.
The woman who sides with them, is WAY off on her stupid reference to hate on her part. This has everything to do with respect...respect for victims and our country and disrespect for the U.S., no matter what mask may be put on it.

Motivitty said...

Dude, real estate in manhattan, even during a down economy, isn't exactly overabundant. If you had any respect you would make a point of distinguishing between extremists and people who want to worship in peace. If you read about it they're ALREADY worshiping there they just want to build a new mosque. And in terms of "belittling us" and gaining more power in our culture" why shouldn't they? By the way what is "our culture", who are "we", and what about our culture is infringed by the construction of this mosque? As a native NYer I've seen everyday Muslims derided for the past 10 years, and not really put up too much of a stink. This is America after all and they deserve the rights accorded to any other faith, otherwise it's discrimination. Or do you not respect the Constitution?

H.C. said...

Considering the whole picture, hogwash.
I have read and heard the Muslims'
intent for this country (especially radical Islam which hides behind the"Muslim faith").
I have seen how it has transformed Europe. Sharia law is now becoming a part of life as well.
Some are taking a stand against their infiltration.
There is this victimization the Islamists claim as a tool to transform the laws to their own liking and as a way to create a society of slavery to their ways.
Call me Muslim-phobic.
You bet I am.

H.C. said...
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H.C. said...

Please understand, there are many fine people who are Muslim who are no problem.
I am speaking of a wider agenda within the religion concerned with radical Islam. Sometimes it is a fine line between groups within the group.
I love and respect the constitution.
I DO NOT respect its abuse.

H.C. said...

Another "abuse" (copy and paste to browser address bar:


Motivity said...

You didn't answer a single question. Consider that what you are proposing is that we subvert the principles that our nation holds dear to placate your self-centered, abstract fears. You don't get to say who has a place NEAR ground Zero. Not your call to make. Some of us refuse to live scared, especially when the threat is simply defined as "the Muslims. There's one Muslim in all of Congress, I hardly think it's likely that the U.S is going to turn into an Islamic state. Christians don't feel like they're values are expressed in our laws, you think there's a snowball's chance in hell that Muslims will succeed, if they're even trying, with their "infiltration"? The "victimization" that you dismiss so lightly is not a tool, it's a reality. And it extends even to people that are not, and never were, Muslim simply because of their appearance and the fear and ignorance of people like yourself. You can't expect the world to run on your feelings. Apply your reasoning to any other group or situation and it immediately is exposed as absurd. I implore you to slow down, think about this and put yourself in these people's shoes. It should be too hard, because in our country's name thousands of people that never had a second thought about the U.S. are killed as collateral damage in our wars. I think we can agree that no one wants innocents to die, but imagine if people held you responsible for those deaths simply b/c you're an American. Would you find that fair?

Motivity said...

As far as your love and respect for the Constitution, you can't have it both ways. You can't say you believe in something and then toss it to the wayside when you're angry or scared. Not if you expect people to believe you when you say you have respect.