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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Would You Like to See a Palin-Bachmann Ticket


H.C. said...

We could do worse, but I say........

Anonymous said...

I would for Palin's cat and Bachman's fish over Obama and Biden...but we can do better.

Let's see who even runs. I don't think Palin will. She can't win because she is too unpopular with moderates.

I know conservatives don't want to hear that but I'm conservative...I'm also a realist.

H.C. said...

Hmm. (This could be long.)I have noticed more negatives for Palin than I ever expected, when it comes to 9.12 and T.P.Patriots....especially after leaving her Alaskan departure.
So many think Palin is part of a Republican party heist of the Tea P.
I have to admit, I see a media rally around her, much like Obama's, and that raises some very big flags, along with her support for McCain.
You would think people would recognize the hypnosis affect by now. Are humans forever doomed to take on the personality of sheep?
Good shepherds are hard to find.
Bachman? She voted yes to put more constraints and rules on farmers including organic growers,very small homebased farms with small livestock and home gardeners that want to sell on the street corners.
This was in the name of food safety, on Americans instead Chinese imports...I am talking some far left kind of restrictions.
It certainly causes me to pause on Bachman, another Republican "darling". The two of them together?
I'd say that would be a win for the Dem.s...if not, then a disaster.