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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Why Was the Left not Considered "A Threat to the Nation" and "Racist"

Here is a Video from 2007 that I discovered show the far left's use of the swastika and actually wishing harm on the President.

The Tea Party does NOT do anything even close to this now, but yet we are described as "Threats to the Nation" and "Racist".



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Fontis the Perceiver said...

I am curious where this video says that these are all "lefties".

I do agree that the majority of tea partiers are not violent. But many of them say plenty of the same things that this video is showing.

As a libertarian myself, I do not like the war in iraq. I think it is a scam, a dog and pony show for the masses of sheeple. If they were really a threat, we have the capability and technology to go in, blow up the militants and be done with it. We could disable them beyond repair, but we don't. Why?

Instead our soldiers go in and kill thousands and thousands of innocent people, without even declaring war. This is evil, unnatural and unneeded.

We need to be defensive, not offensive.

I wish death on no one, including our leaders, even though many of them are scum bags.

I am not a "tea partier" myself, but I have many friends who are. They are noble, alert and mindful to our freedoms.

I think there are many who are confused between who the real tea partiers are, and whom are there to just shout rediculous turbid remarks.

Your blog doesn't make much sense without actually, I dunno, blogging?

The vid is interesting, with your little blurb, but it doesn't show what you really think.

Do you feel that all those who are against the continuation of the wars in the middle east, are lefties? Do you feel that everyone who wants the war to end, wishes harm on our nation?

What is it that you are attempting to say with this video, I am confused?

I am not for the liberals or the conservatives, I think both parties have been infiltrated and messed up and that they BOTH do this kind of thing.

Also, as a tip from someone who blogs, it would be good to refrain from absolute phrases.

"the tea party does NOT do anything even close to this..." is an absolute statement. There are PLENTY of people that call themselves Tea partiers that DO that exact thing. I don't necessarily feel they are REAL tea partiers, but non the less, that is where they place themselves and so it must be counted.

It would be much more intelligent to suggest that "Most" tea partiers do not do this sort of thing. Or even that the "majority" of tea partiers do not do that sort of thing. That I could agree with whole heartedly.

I like the title of your blog, and it looks like the beginnings of a good blog in the future. I hope you'll be more vocal and declarative in your future posts.

Good luck "P.O.ed Patriot", lol ;)