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Friday, April 30, 2010

Union Thugs Attack Tea Party Member in Fort Lauderdale

This took place at a Town Hall on April 7th. I just now found the video.


Anonymous said...

Typical Union thugs. Unfortunately I belong to a union.(Only to put myself through school to fight these fools). Since I've been in I have come to realize the union members are nothing more than sheep. They receive their marching orders at the monthly meetings. They tell us we're close minded, and i have never met a more close minded group of people in my life. It's incredible how racist these men were before the Messiah came along to save the world as well. And now, they want to give blanket amnesty to all illegals. Again, before the Great one descended down from the heavens these people wanted them out of their towns, their states and of course their country. But now they see the amount of votes they can pick up and all the new members when The Chosen One grants them citizenship.

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with Unions. The Leadership is what has gone bad in many of them and the fact that many support progressive agendas.

Robert said...

Goddamnit, I honestly can't believe I'm seeing this happen in my country.
I've never felt closer to my countrymen than I did on 9/11, and it's truly tragic to see how united we were just 9 years contrasted with the bitter divisiveness of today.

Lisa said...

One of the reasons I refuse to buy an American made car...what a bunch of low-life hypocrits! They always resort to violence because they are incapable of being able to justify their beliefs. For decades these people purposely produced inferior cars, but, expected fellow Americans to buy their crap only because it was made here by union members. No thanks...I have a mind of my own...I suggest you union members start using your own!!