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Monday, April 26, 2010

Tea Party Racism?


P. said...

Where did the New Deal (an expansion of government) and Social Security get the American Black man? More than any other demographic, they can look forward to a negative rate of return on their "deposits" into Social Security. Possibly it's because of their shorter working lifespan, on average. But it is fact.

Where did the Great Society (an expansion of government) and the entitlement programs which spewed forth get the American Black family? Read something about the conclusions made by Daniel Patrick Moynihan, the late Democrat Senator from New York, or Thomas Sowell, the economist. It is a fact that their families were not rendered, on average, MORE stable by the entitlement programs.

More and larger government "assistance" programs have hurt this group as much as, if not more than, any other.

Now who is the "racist"?

douchepollster said...

The Tea Party is listed as a bunch of douche bags at http://douchepollster.wordpress.com/

The site targets everybody, but you need to go there and vote to make a difference.