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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Rep. Cohen (D-TN): ‘The Tea Party People Are Kind of Without Robes and Hoods’


Anonymous said...

Seriously...what a collection of morons. Just because you don't want a trillion $ bill that will NOT improve health care, you're labeled a racist? You can do better than that.

Kevin Hogarth said...

Mr. Cohen, is dissent the highest form of patriotism when conservatives are in control? Is the right to peaceful assembly only allowed when the demonstrators advocate a left-leaning view? It truly is a sad day in these United States when the rights afforded to the people of this great country are criticized by those who have sworn to uphold its constitution. Mr. Cohen, you are a scourge on our republic and I sincerely hope you are removed from your office in November.

excagirl said...

Talking about being hostile. Wow, I am wondering why he didn't speak up when the Left was going after President Bush. Did he deem them calling President Bush "Hitler" as hate speech.
The only person I know that actually wore white robes and a hood is a Democrat Senator.

Anonymous said...

This guy is an idiot. If it were not for people like us, the dems would still be hiding behind their hoods and sheets and still be burning crosses on our lawns and dragging black Americans behind cars and hanging them.
This is an outragous statement by him and he needs to hear it.