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Monday, April 12, 2010

Phil "I Don't Worry about the Constitution" Hare is a member of the DSA Supported Congressional Progressive Caucus

I am sure you have seen the Video of Congressmen Phil Hare saying he doesn't "worry about the Constitution". In case you haven't here is the video:

After this Video Mr. hare released this in order to explain his statement:

But oddly enough Congressmen Phil Hare failed mention one Minor detail.

He is a one of 70 members in Congress that belong to the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

Now why would being a member of a Congressional Caucus be a bad thing.

Well according to discoverthenetworks.com the founding of the Congressional Progressive Caucus has an interesting history:

"The Progressive Caucus is an organization of Members of Congress founded in
1991 by newly-elected House Representative Bernie Sanders (Independent-Vermont), who is a self-described socialist.

As of April 2007, the Progressive Caucus included Sanders (who became a U.S. Senator in 2006), Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio, and 69 members of the House of Representatives, all of them leftist Democrats and almost all in districts heavily gerrymandered to guarantee the re-election of any Democratic Party incumbent, no matter how extreme.

On November 11, 1999, the Progressive Caucus drafted its Position Paper on economic inequality.It reads, in part, as follows: "Economic inequality is the result of two and a half decades of government policies and rules governing the economy being tilted in favor of large asset owners at the expense of wage earners. Tax policy, trade policy, monetary policy, government regulations and other rules have reflected this pro-investor bias. We propose the introduction or reintroduction of a package of legislative initiatives that will close America's economic divide and address both income and wealth disparities. … The concentration of wealth is a problem because it distorts our democracy, destabilizes the economy and erodes our social and cultural

In order "to bring new life to the progressive voice in U.S. politics," the Progressive Caucus has worked closely with Progressive Challenge, a project of the Institute for Policy Studies. Progressive Challenge is a coalition through which the activities and talking points of leftist groups are synchronized and harmonized with one another, producing coordinated, mutually-reinforcing propaganda from
some 200 seemingly-unconnected groups.

In 2005 the Progressive Caucus crafted its "Progressive Promise" document, which advocates socialized medicine; radical environmentalism; the redistribution of wealth; higher taxes; the elimination of numerous provisions of the Patriot Act; dramatic reductions in the government's intelligence-gathering capabilities; debt relief for poor countries; and the quick withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq. These measures, says the Progressive Caucus, would help "re-build U.S. alliances around the world, restore international respect for American power and influence, and reaffirm our nation's constructive engagement in the United Nations and other multilateral organizations."

Discover the Networks even says that the Progressive Caucus had connections to the Democratic Socialist of America:

"Until 1999 the Progressive Caucus worked in open partnership with
Democratic Socialists of America. After the press reported on this link, the connections suddenly vanished from both organizations' websites."

Luckily I discovered that the Democratic Socialists of America(DSA) did not "scrub" their website completely. Here is a quote from a DSA article that discusses how some "Insurgent Politicians" may run under the banner of Democrats and are in the Congressional Progressive Caucus:

"DSA recognizes that some insurgent politicians representing labor,environmentalists, gays and lesbians, and communities of color may choose to run under Democratic auspices, as in the 1988 Jesse Jackson campaign, or operate as Democrats like Senator Paul Wellstone, and the 59 Democratic members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, one-half of whom are Black and Latino and all of whom possess strong labor backing and operative social democratic politics.

Electoral tactics are only a means for DSA; the building of a powerful anti-corporate and ultimately socialist movement is the end."

So it would appear that Congressmen Phil Hare's belief that he will not "worry about the Constitution" is because like all Good Socialists they think it is an old and outdated document that needs to be replaced or interpreted out of existence.

Is there any wonder why Mr. Hare answered the question the way he did?


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