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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pelosi: Wall St. Doesn’t Get Anything For Filling Dem Campaign Coffers

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Anonymous said...

Nancy let me remind you that the financial walls came tumbling down when Fannie May and Freddie Mac caved in. The men in charge of overseeing Wall Street were Sen Dodd (D) and Congressman Frank (D. Congressman Frank was sleeping with the people he was supposed to be supervising. He literally and figuratively was "in Bed" with those he was supposed to supervise. Dodd was getting sweetheart mortgage deals from people he was supposed to be supervising. Nancy you seem to have a very short memory. Now it comes out that the Democrats received 4.5 million from the executives at Goldman Sachs...three times what Republicans were given. How about a new rule. No more political contributions from the folks you supervise. You will never do it but it would be a great start.