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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Patriots from Around the Nation Join in Ford BUYcott

St. Louis Tea Party, who launched the original BUYcott of Whole Foods, where patriots in one St. Louis Municipality spent more than $50,000 in one night are expanding their latest BUYcott of Ford Motor Company.

“The response of the BUYcott of Ford has been wonderful,” said Gina Loudon, “we have had offers of rebates from dealers, accolades from Ford employees, and many receipts coming in as patriots take this opportunity to express their support for our one remaining privately owned American car maker.”

Loudon has had interest from many other Tea Party groups from around the Country, as well as radio shows announcing the BUYcott on their stations.

“The only problem is that this economy does not permit every person to go out and purchase a car. One patriot, Glenn Wiggins wrote me and said this:

“I love your idea and it's implementation...but why not take it up a notch?
In addition to buying a Ford as your next car or truck buy the company,
what if everybody in the Tea Party bought Ford shares of stock?
We could prevent the company from taking financial help from the
Government and keep it from becoming GM and Chrysler…”

Loudon said, “So, we are suggesting that every American Patriot purchase one share (or more) of stock and express their confidence and patriotism with an investment in the last remaining American named car company. As always, we would like to have copies of receipts so we can keep a tally of the patriotic BUYcott.”

“We hope this will send a strong message to Washington DC that we do not want their bail outs, their buy outs, or their interference in our free market any longer!”

“Additionally,” Loudon noted that “if every member of the Tea Party bought 100 shares of stock, then the Conservative movement could eventually own the only remaining American Car Company.”




Anonymous said...

Just a scam by the Loudon's to keep themselves in the news. This "BUYCott" has not affected Ford in the least. What a joke.

Anonymous said...

I certainly would support Ford over GM, but I just bought a new Toyota and a Honda to suppot them. I think they're better made cars and I won't ever buy a Ford because of a horrible experience I had with them in 1985 (yes, I can hold a grudge).
My biggest problem with buying a Ford is that they are UAW made cars. The UAW were big Obama supporters and would NEVER support anything the Tea Party did. So, though I admire and give Kudos to Ford for not taking tax payer money, I can not see myself in a Ford or any UAW made junk.

Lenita said...

Dear Anonymous, thanks again for supporting the Japanese by buying toyota. Remember that when you hear the unemployment numbers. If toyota hadn't have come over to the USA the economy would have been a lot better off!! I remember when... A Ford Mgmt. retiree and proud of it.

Lonnie said...

Just bought 800 shares of Ford.....only american car co that didn't take a bailout.....good to support them and good investment at the same time.....not happy with the UAW part, though.

Anonymous said...

I'm in, bought 5 shares yesterday.