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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Obama: AZ Immigration Bill a ‘Poorly Conceived Law’

Hat Tip Breitbart Tv


P. said...

Goodness, the preposterous, meaningless, and unhelpful just keeps coming from these people...Janet Napolitano saying the AZ border was as "secure as it ever was", POTUS saying "you make them get in the back of the line" when we don't even know who/where they are...can this administration not say one solitary thing that is accurate/useful? (It's looking like "no".)

Since the officials in the city of San Francisco are threatening a boycott of AZ, I think it's high time to use some economic leverage in support of the citizens of this beleaguered state. This is really a state sovereignty issue. Do the people of AZ get to defend themselves and their property, since the federal government has so completely dropped the ball?


Joan said...

"... poorly conceived", except that it mirrors Federal Law almost word for word. Perhaps Obama should start by READING the bills before he starts his sanctimonious pontificating.

Perhaps all our LAW MAKERS should start READING the LAWS MADE.

The only difference between the Fed law and the state law is a matter of ENFORCEMENT duty.

Greg Zotta said...

The "Obama" said everything but deport the illegal immigrants. He said you make them pay a fine, learn to speak english, and get to the back of the line. Yet, he doesn't mention deportation, so they are still at the front of the line. It's the Federal Governments responsibility to secure the borders and Obama refuses to do it. AP wrote an article stating that Homeland Security estimates Arizona's illegal Immigrants to be about 460000. So they have to know where some of them are. Why are they not enforcing the law? The "Obama" is fanning the flames, he is a polarizing, divisive figure and makes no mention of the fear the American citizens of that state has because of the increase of criminal activity.Governor Jan Brewer should be commended for taking steps necessary to protect the citizens of Arizona, unlike Governor Swarzennegger who did not help his states' farmers regarding the water that was turned off because of government regulations. Then the "Obama" did a despicable act when he bribed two Representatives from California to vote yes on Obamacare in return for turning on some water. Some of these Statists are now calling for a boycott of Arizona, from tourism to the baseball team. Some gutless businesses have cancelled their conventions. We should find out which businesses they were and return the favor. All this because the Governor signed a law to try and help protect its citizens. Obama is quite the leader? I am going to buy an Arizona Diamondback Ball Cap.
Greg Zotta
Republican Candidate for Mo. Senate 22