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Friday, April 2, 2010

More From Phil Hare and Adam Sharp

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Anonymous said...

This is what most of these highly paid progressives think. They know best and we are idiots.
You had him and you did a great job with this interview. He treated me the same way in Aug at a town hall meeting in Carlinville. He said he would rather lose his election than not vote for the healthcare bill. He is going to get his walking papers but it will not matter to him because he will still collect his outragous retirment, his cadilac health care plan and all on our dime. So now we pay for Hare's insurance, the illegals health, Muslims health and everyone including our own. Exciting. I am so happy to be force to be so generous with my hard earned dollars in the United States of America.
Keep up the great work and keep following these Chicago Machine and Obama worshipers, their true colors are starting to show like a neon sign saying VOTE ME OUT or you will suffer.
Bobby Schilling is going to take that seat, given to him by the Ameicans that still live in ILLINOIS.