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Friday, April 23, 2010

Left Wing Coming UnGlued?: ‘The Real Tea Party’ Exposes Divide Between Democrats and Democracy


Anonymous said...

Cohen can't win in his district unless he plays the race card constantly.

Ed Shultz is a fat foot.

Maxine Watters is a hypocrite and a fool of the nth degress.

How do you know when Obama is lying these days? His lips are moving.

Garafalao is straight up stupid and a liar in addition to being an incredible skank.

Greg Zotta said...

There were no scenes of violence or riots by the Tea-Party protesters. This confuses Maxine Waters, because when she, along with Jesse Jackson were on Nightline during the LA riots and blacks were assaulting white people (Reginal Denny) she called those actions "JUSTIFIED ANGER."

catdaddio42 said...

5 different Tea party events and witnessed no hatred - just people getting steamed at the irresponsible way our government is being run. I do remember cheering when a coal train went by in Washington, Missouri. That was "anti-social" in some circles I guess. The most outlandish thing I've seen at the numerous Tea party events I've attended is that we all picked up our trash before we left. Now THAT was a dramatic departure from any other protests I've seen or been in. That and the fact that we brought lawn chairs.