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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Krauthammer: Snooty Obama Sees Tea Party ‘Proletariat’ as ‘Stupid’ & ‘Paranoid’

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Anonymous said...

I am a Tea party advocate of individual freedom, limited govt, sound money backed by gold and silver as the Constitution requires.

It is outrageous that our president was a Constitutional scholar who has taken the oath of office but ignores the oath with his interventionistic policies which are not at all authorized in the Constitution.

Join us by visiting the Campaign For Liberty site, read the books and articles there and tell everyone you meet about our existence. Membership is growing and is over 230,630. The Young Americans for Liberty is on over 170 campuses.

We intend to support candidates who take the Founder's vision and the Constitution seriously and will replace those politicians who ignore their oath.


Join us.