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Friday, April 16, 2010

Heckler Confronted at the St. Charles Tea Party


Anonymous said...

Only a true American would step into the lion's den and speak his mind.

Anonymous said...

He was exercising his free speech. However, he was out of order. Lt. Gov. Kinder had the floor and speaking over him was totally out of line.

Marcia said...

Great job Patch! Especially the footage of him at the Carnahan Town Hall last year. Don't these people realize "a VIDEO is worth a thousand words!"

Nee said...

Nice Shirt...exactly what I was thinking!! Great job.

profg said...

Here’s his Facebook page:


Why not friend him, he’s got such a nice smile.

Or at least send him a friendly message, like I did.


Bob McCarty said...

Great video!

Trenton said...

PEOPLE! You DO NOT have to tolerate this kind of behavior!

This piece of filth is NOT simply exercising his freedom of speech. What he's doing is called the "heckler's veto," and it is not protected speech according to the courts. Look it up.

You have every right to remove him from the premises for disrupting your event.

Next tea party, throw the bum out.

excagirl said...

After looking at his website, I think that we should get him where it hurts, his business. He names some of his clients on his website. I think we should send them copies of the Youtubes of him so his customers know who they are supporting.

teresa said...

These guys have no shame - his fellow traveler terrorised a 60 year old lady and reduced her to tears. Hey pal, you are judged by the company you keep!
Here's a link to his business website:


I plan on calling frequently for all my non-existent tschotske needs. Perhaps tying up that phone for a long, long time.

Hesed said...


Anonymous said...

He wasn't doing anything differently than the tea baggers did at town hall meetings. They just can't handle it being done to them. Freedom of speech. Are they trying to take that away from him? I was there and he didn't attack anyone. Stop listening to the right wing bloggers. I've been to a couple of tea bagger rallies and when President Obama came to St. Charles, the angry people are the tea baggers.