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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Congressman Worries More Marines Might Cause Guam to ‘Tip Over and Capsize’

Ok If this isn't enough Proof of some of the Idiots we are sending to Congress and How they need to be anywhere but running our Country, then nothing is.

The Guy thinks an ISLAND is going to tip over....



Anonymous said...

Is this a result of the liberal controlled public school system? That would apply to the congressman and his electorate. Is this actually the congressman's informal attempt to become a part of the Saturday Night Live troup as a dead pan comic? Is the congressman attempting to appear to be even more stupid than Joe Biden?

Anonymous said...

Who is this guy? I don't see a name mentioned anywhere, ever the nametag on the bench is blurry. Is this forreal?

Anonymous said...

Sad to say, no surprise there. Just think about how stupid his constituents are?? Dan Quail misspelled potato and was ridiculed out of politics. This Idiot will no doubt be re-elected.