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Saturday, April 17, 2010

UPDATE : Bob McCarty I.D.'s Tea Party Hecklers

Thanks to some Great Detective Work by Bob McCarty, the two hecklers in the above Picture have been identified as Steve Belosi (on the Left Black Shirt) and John Durajczyk (on the Right).

According to Bob's article, Steve Belosi lives in Lake St. Louis and runs a home based company called Eagle Marketing Inc.

In a video of Mr. Belosi harassing Tea Party members at the Russ Carnahan Town Hall last Year, Mr. Belosi is wearing an almost Identical Shirt. This is because, according to an unnamed source of mine, Mr. Belosi sells these types of shirts to Unions and has their Logos put on them.

Here is Video of my confrontation with Mr. Belosi and the Footage of him at the Carnahan Town Hall:

The man in the White Shirt, John Durajczyk, runs the "Faithfully Yours" store in Mid Rivers Mall with his wife, Nancy, and is the Secretary to the St. Charles Democratic Committee.

Here is a Picture of the back of Mr. Durajczyk's shirt that he wore while doing his Heckling at the St. Charles Tea Party:

According to Mr. Durajczyk's Facebook page he met up with the woman pictured below as he was leaving the event:

(facebook quote)"We met Sister Lana(?) at the conclusion of the festivities. She was glad not to be alone with her very appealing poster of sheep watching Fox Noise and Sarah, Half-Governor-Quitter-of-Alaska. Lana likes Hopey-Changey! We liked Lana....Invited her to the Alliance meeting next month!"

What Kind of Very Appealing Poster did "Sister Lana" have that John liked so much? Well below is a larger Picture of what he refers to as "Appealing".

And the Left says the Tea Party Posters are Offensive.


To Read the very well researched Article on Bob's Website Go To:


To View John's Facebook page Go To:



UPDATE 4/17/10

The Gateway Pundit has Blown the Liberal Lid off of these two. It seems Steve Belosi has been arrested protesting with Code Pink.

To Read even more about these Two Hecklers Go To:



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Anonymous said...

That sign is a lot less offensive than some of the tea party signs I've seen.
Didn't think so.