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Thursday, March 18, 2010

WFP:A health care vote this weekend is now almost certain. All House leaders need are a few more votes

Here is an Email from the Organization called the Working Families party out of New York. They were once called the "New Party" who were self described Democratic Socialists and once had Senator Obama on their member roster in Chicago.

According to WFP, the Houseo nly needs a Few more Votes to pass the Health Care Bill. WFP hopes that those last few will come from New York.

Here is the Email:

A health care vote this weekend is now almost certain. All House leaders need are a few more votes - including five from New York. We've got 48 hours to deliver.We're already a quarter of the way to our goal of 20,000 signatures calling on every single Democratic New York Congressmember to vote "yes" on health care. Can you add your name and make sure all your friends have joined the call? Go to:


Today, rallies are being held in Binghamton and Long Island to urge Representatives there to vote "yes." Working Families Party members will highlight our petitions at both events, so we need to gather as many signatures as possible ASAP.

Earlier this week, the Working Families Party decided not to support any member of Congress who votes "no" on health care reform. That means they won't appear on the NY State ballot under Working Families Party this fall, and they will lose thousands of votes from WFP supporters.

This is no idle threat - every New York Democrat who is now undecided on health care ran on the Working Families ballot line in their last election. We felt that reforming health care is so central to what America's working families need that we just can't support anyone who votes "no." If you agree, please help us get every single New York Democrat to "yes":


hanks,Sam Williams and Bob Master,

WFP Co-ChairsDan Cantor,

WFP Executive Director

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