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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tea Party Blogger Denied Entry to Russ Carnahan Press conference : No "Citizen Journalists Allowed"

It would appear that the press is only free if you belong to the megolithic club known as the mainstream meadia.

I have just learned that Tea Party Blogger, Adam Sharp of Sharpelbows.net, has been denied entry into a press conference held by Russ Carnahan in Holly Hills MO today.

The reason given for this injustice is that there will be No Citizen Journalists Allowed into the press conference.

As Adam was being refused entry to the Press Conference he asked that if he did come in, would they have some SEIU "purple shirts" beat him like they did Kenneth Gladney.

Bloggers are quickly replacing the main main stream media as the place where my people get their news.

The sooner the Politicians realize this......the better Coverage they may receive....

Adam will have audio of the event and possibly video posted on his website.


1 comment:

Margaret said...

This is ripe for a lawsuit that for denying freedom of the press. Denying access to one type of press is a right that should be covered under our Constitution.